All you need to know about Decorative Retaining Walls in Your Garden

What are decorative retaining walls?

Decorative Retaining Walls Melbourne are engineered systems designed to restrain large quantities of soil that may slide away or slump from a foundation or destroy the surrounding area. They are very useful addition to any garden that can provide with many advantages. With the help of these systems you can enjoy added seating. They also help you create pathways, or have more depth in your yard. Besides, decorative retaining walls also help grouping plants and gardens. It means that with the help of these structures you can change the entire feel and look of your yard with least effort.

Other Uses

Decorative Retaining Walls can be used for a number of others purposes as such as:

  • leveling area around the home for shrubbery and flowers
  • elevating the soil above ground roots for trees
  • Around a pool area
  • for creating a higher area below windows for plants

Types of materials used in decorative retaining walls

Decorative retaining walls come in various materials. That is good news as with more choices you can easily pick the one that suits your garden the best such as concrete sleeper walls Melbourne, stone veneer and more.

Concrete block

Concrete Block is basically interlocking-block systems. They are mortar-free and you can assemble them with ease. They enable walls to turn, wrap or curve along your landscape. You can find them in various colors, shapes and textures to suit your preference and style requirements. These walls can be used for walls up to 20 feet high. You can use various techniques for these walls such as Keyed, battered design, Backfill trap, stone brick and more.


Another popular material used for Decorative Retaining Walls is Brick. It makes a popular choice for its appeal.  Unlike other materials, it has a very warm and welcoming look. Those who wish to create a warm and traditional touch can go for this material. However, before you opt for brick wall, remember that it is a heavy material and may not allow lot of flexibility. Compared to some other options, brick may not be available is a wide range of colors.

Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is another great choice that you can use to cover vertical walls and surfaces. The veneer itself is just an aesthetic thing and calls for a strong core in order to function as a wall. But remember that it looks amazing and can be great for decorative purpose. One of the best things about this material is that it offers lot of flexibility. Stone veneer is also light in weight and easy to manage. It is also pretty durable.


Depending on your choice, you can choose wood for your garden wall décor. It also helps to create a cozy and traditional ambience for your yard. Wood is easy to install and promises a natural look. Since this material is cost effective it can be great for budget owners.

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