What Is Slab Scanning?

Steel fiber reinforced concrete is widely used for a variety of purposes including crack control tools and tunnel lining. It is perfect for meeting high-performance requirements. The material can even be used for repair as it offers ease of use, form work requirement, and reduced reinforcement. The most common rebar scanning tools cannot be used in case of steel fibers. This prevents imaging of the interior.

The most common tool that is used is Ground Penetrating Radar. It effectively uses some concrete radar scanning tools. Generally, it is used for finding a post-tension cable, rebar, and other embedded objects. A contrast in conductivity is used for finding objects. It is extremely fast as it offers instant images. Hence, it is very popular.  

Cover Meter is easily the second most used tool out there. It is very precise and can be used to cover the reinforcing bar. Eddy Current technology is used by it. What makes the techniques convenient is that they both use electromagnetic technique. Magnetic fields are disrupted by steel fibers which render them ineffective. For instance, seismic/ sonic energy can be used in ultrasonic pulse-echo and impact echo testing to penetrate into a steep fiber reinforced structure.  Thus, the steel fiber reinforced structure is the most appropriate tool. The reason behind their use is mechanical waves which effectively penetrate into the concrete.  

Case Study: Monolithic, Steel Fiber Concrete Floor

To better understand slab scanning, it is important to look at the case study involving monolithic, steel fiber concrete floor. It involves the use of ground penetrating radar and ultrasonic pulse-echo array for scanning into a section of the steel fiber reinforced concrete floor. It is used as the foundation for supporting machinery that is used for high dynamic loading.

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Steel fiber concrete was used for constructing the floor. It allowed for crack control and large steel reinforcing. Hence, it proved to be effective.

When the gpr concrete scanning melbourne is used for scanning, the images tend to be fuzzy similar to radio static. There are no visible or clear reflections of the embedded reinforcing bars. When the ultrasonic pulse echo system is used for scanning each rebar, it makes each rebar clearly visible for the image to be scanned.

You can learn more about the ultrasonic pulse echo equipment by consulting with a local PCTE team.

What Is PCTE?

PCTE is the ultimate non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment. It has been used in the industry since back in 2008. There is a huge variety of NDT equipment which covers all types of applications. Thus, you get to use the exciting technology for performing a variety of tasks. The devices included are visual testing, laboratory testing, corrosion monitoring, and ground penetrating radar.


Once you have read the entire post, you will have a better idea about slab scanning. It is important that you learn as much about it as possible. It will allow you to get more done. The importance of slab scanning cannot be stressed enough. Make sure to use the latest technology for the best results.

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