Everything You Need To Know About Structural Steel

Structural steel franklin is one of the most important things that you need whenever you think of constructing something. Whether you are constructing a large building or you are constructing a house, structural steel is the one thing that you won’t forget.

The reason why it is almost used in every part of construction is because it has several qualities and can provide many benefits to the companies who wish to develop a safe and aesthetic building or a house.

Structural steel acts as a backbone to all of the building structures. In this article, you will get to know everything about structural steel so without wasting anytime, let’s start!  


There are several types of structural steel nashville and it is classified according to their chemical compositions such as carbon-magnesium steel. In this, the main chemical components are iron, carbon and manganese.

These chemical components are normally referred to as mild or carbon structural steel. It is rich in terms of strength and ductility and the reason why it is used in most of the cases is because it is economical.

High-strength and low alloy steel is also a type of structural steel. Its chemical components include iron, carbon and some ore chemical components. These all components when combined increase the strength of the steel.

Another type of structural steel is high-strength tempered alloy steel. This is mainly used for structural purposes.

Making process:

First step to make structural steel is to crush the raw iron, refine it and sort it out. Refining process can be done in various ways depending on the situation of the material. Sixty percent of the iron is then sort out.

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The iron is then put into a blast furnace and heated. All the impurities are removed as the hot air passes through the furnace. The pure iron left behind is dropped at the bottom of the surface.

The molten iron is taken out and further chemical components are added to increase the stability, strength and several other things of iron such as manganese.

When this whole process is done, the structural steel is molded in whatever way you want to use it. It is usually molded in to a plate, channel or a steel tube.

Difference between structural steel and other steel:

Structural steel is rich in carbon while others are not. Due to the excessive carbon, strength and stability is increased as compared to other steel.

Not just carbon, but it also rich in manganese which is used for cutting and binding steel. Phosphorus is also added in excessive amount which makes the steel a bit brittle as compared to other steel.  

Sulphur, when added affects the properties of steel which has excessive amount of Sulphur and a low amount of manganese.

All the chemical components aside, you need to make sure that the structural steel you will be using is rich in carbon and balanced overall because finding the right amount of balance between all the chemical components is the key to make a good structural steel.  

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