DIY Solar Pool Heating – Easy to Install and Enjoy

indexSolar pool heating allows swimming pool owners to wrap themselves in luxurious warm water long after their friends have winterized their pool. Do-it-yourself solar pool heating kits saves owners money on materials and the cost of heating their swimming pool. They’re easy to install and systems come with easy to understand instructions.
Most people think solar pool heating systems are impossible to fathom and require a degree in engineering. Nothing could be further from the truth. They can be installed by any home or business owner. With a solar swimming pool heating kit, water is diverted from the pool’s filtration system and sent to solar collectors.
The solar collectors may be installed on the roof of a home or outbuilding, as long as the structure’s orientation receives enough sunlight throughout the day to adequately warm the water. Pool water sent through the solar collectors absorbs the radiant energy from the solar collectors and is returned to the pool. The process is repeated until the pool reaches the desired temperature.
The temperature in a solar heated pool can be increased up to approximately 10 degrees. A digital solar controller can be installed within the system to automate the heating process. It provides a more constant temperature level.
There are numerous benefits to a heated pool that include:
• Longer pool usage during the year
• More cost effective than other methods
• Low annual pool heating costs
• Eco-friendly
• Low-maintenance systems
• High-performance
• Safe and reliable
• Increased property value
• Rebates and incentives
There are a number of variables that must be considered when calculating the correct system size for each pool. Discount Pool Shop owner, Simon Mauger, assists customers ascertain the system size they need based on their pool size and desired temperature.
A heated swimming pool is a joy during the summer and a luxury to be experienced to the fullest during colder months. Do-it-yourself solar pool heating systems are easy to install with just a few tools. The kits come with all the necessary elements, along with instructions for a trouble free installation.
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Caravans are Available to Meet Every Lifestyle Need

Once individuals have found the right caravan for sale, fun, adventure and exploration are just around the corner. Selecting a caravan will largely depend on the way it will be used. Many choose to base themselves in one area and explore the local sites and special events through day trips. Others plan routes that take them to specific places and sightsee along the way.


There’s a caravan for every need, from active families to those who must work while on holiday. Modern caravans feature all the essential amenities and luxury features to rival fine accommodations. They’re comfortable and easy to maintain with a variety of features from which to choose.

Caravans come complete with a myriad of built-in features and custom designs can be constructed. Depending upon the model, individuals can choose a caravan with slide-out bedrooms, drop-down picnic tables, and interior grills. Families can obtain state-of-the-art entertainment packages, stylish workstations and queen size beds to slumber in complete comfort.

Intelligent design has resulted in caravans that never feel cramped, even during bouts of extended inclement weather. It’s especially important when exploring some of the farthest regions of Australia. Those from urban areas often underestimate the distances involved in some locales and the availability of fuel, restaurants and similar amenities. Choosing the right caravan will ensure that owners arrive at their destination in comfort and without undue stress.

Australia is a continent of widely diverse climates, ranging from freezing nighttime temperatures to daytime scorchers. Owners of modern caravans don’t have to worry about packing two separate wardrobes to meet climatic variances. Heating and air-conditioning is available in caravans to keep individuals toasty warm or comfortably cooled no matter what the conditions are outside.

Caravans can be obtained to fit every lifestyle, from novice camper to experienced traveler. Those shopping for a caravan should carefully consider how it will be used to determine the type of vehicle that’s most appropriate. A single or older couple will seek a different type of caravan compared to a young and active family with children.

Campers should also know if they will be using caravan parks or if they will be taking the vehicle off-road. Some caravans are better suited to the rigors of the wild, with construction designed to handle less than optimal terrain. No matter what lifestyle individuals choose, there’s a luxury caravan built for fun, adventure and exploration.

For more information, call (03) 9930 0900 or visit Nova Caravans online.


There are many types of concrete saws, Melbourne in particular has a great need of them. Below are some of the basic types of concrete saws and the basic care and maintenance of this power tool.




There are different types of concrete saws with each type of meant for different applications. So depending on what you intend you use your concrete saw for or in what way you intend to use it, there will be a concrete saw out there that will perfectly fit your needs.



Flat saws are concrete saws that are used horizontally to cut through flat pieces of concrete, hence the name. Ideal for cutting through sections of damaged pavement, these saws may also be used for cutting through asphalt, concrete flooring, pavers and bricks. Push saws on the other hand are similar to flat saws and are used in areas where flat saws have difficulty accessing. This kind of concrete saw is typically a lot smaller and more maneuverable.



As the name suggests wall saws are used primarily for cutting through concrete walls but may also be used on other surfaces. A wall saw uses track mounted machinery in which the track is mounted on the wall and the machine is run back and forth to cut the wall or any other surface. Wall saws are commonly used for creating openings such as window and door openings. They may also be used to create partitions to limit demolition areas.



Wire sawing is ideal for cutting through large sections of concrete such as sections of piers and bridges. Diamonds are embedded a strand of multiple cables. The cables are then pulled back and forth across the material being cut by a series of pulleys.



Imagine a normal hand held chain saw, except that the chains have synthetic industrial grade diamonds embedded onto them. Concrete chain saws are usually used in tandem with wall saw to avoid the over cutting that sometimes happens with larger wall saws.



Hand saws compose of a large circular blade mounted onto a hand held sawing device. This kind of concrete cutter is ideal where portability is required.



Given the nature of their use, concrete saws face quite a lot of wear and tear. This is especially true if they are used on a daily basis like in construction or demolition. To keep concrete saws in tip top shape it is important to observe proper care and maintenance. For dry cutters, air cleaner maintenance is crucial because of all the dust flying around while using the machine. Lodge dirt and dust could damage your belts and bearings. For wet cutters it is important to keep the water flowing. The water will prevent dust from accumulating and prevent the blade from overheating. This is important because overheating can ruin the blades and could warp and ruin the cut. MK Diamond Australia has some of the best quality concrete saws out there and these machines will be able to stand the test of time given you practice proper maintenance.

The Best Option for Driving Lessons in Eltham

In Eltham, as in the rest of greater Melbourne, Victoria and Australia, earning a driving license is a challenging part of becoming an adult. It can help shy teenagers find a sense of confidence, competence and self reliance. It can also help to bring overconfident young people down to earth. elthamThat’s because today, earning a full driving license generally means spending at least a year – often two years – as a learner driver, and at least three years on probationary licenses.

As learner drivers, young people must clock 120 fully documented hours of practice accompanied by fully licensed referees, including at least 10 hours of night driving. The days when teenagers were almost routinely granted driving licenses and then had to learn to drive competently on the fly, often making dangerous mistakes in the process? They are over. The government, in an attempt to make the roads safer, has instituted much stricter rules. Not only do new drivers have to accumulate over a hundred hours of driving experience, they also have four tests to pass.

First, there’s the written test. It’s based on the Road to Solo Driving Handbook, and it tests the beginning driver’s knowledge of traffic laws and other basics. Then, there’s the vision test. Finally, the new driver must pass a computerised hazard perception test and a practical driving test. It’s no wonder that so many people are searching for a reputable driver training school.  It’s more important than ever to find a skilled, experienced and fully qualified driving instructor. Eltham residents need look no further than HiWay Driving School. Their driving lessons website has all the information needed to start the process, and they’re close by and have quite a few students from Eltham.