Stone Paving – Making the Most of Your Backyard

stone pavingStone paving is a great way to change your garden; whether you need something tougher, more appealing, or simply want to try something new. Stone is the most durable of all landscaping options, as well as one of, if not the, most aesthetically appealing.

The Power Of Rock

Stone paving beats all other options available. Only hard wearing stones are used in commercial stone paving, so they are extremely durable against both the elements and foot traffic. Whether it is endless use, snow, or pounding rain, year after year stone will not give. A stone paving will take more abuse than any other kind without yielding. Thus, stone ages better – both in retaining its strength over the years and aesthetic appeal – and for that reason will last longer.

Low Maintence
Adding paving stones instead of having a full lawn drastically reduces long term maintenance efforts and costs. The math is simple – with less grass you have less watering and cutting to maintain it. If you choose to entirely pave over your yard then you have virtually no maintence. Also, if there is a problem with one stone you can remove that on its own and replace it – unlike concrete paving which requires costly, and lengthy, repaving.

Redesign a Garden
Instead of having a vast lawn space, choose to replace it with paving stones. This neatens your garden’s appearance and creates quite a change; It allows the plants and shrubbery that is left to stand out much more than they would against a grassy landscape. Growing grass or clusters of flowers between blocks of stone paving breaks up a lawn visually to add a great deal of appeal and make your home distinctively beautiful!

Pavers can help create a landscape design customized to your home. Whether you want a solid surface, or broken up sections so that you can fill in with plants, stone paving is the most durable and attractive long term option in landscaping.

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